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At this point it is important to understand how the side panels attach to the lower cabinet using slotted hangers, indicated here with the red arrows. These interlock with the similarly slotted side rails of the lower cabinet, so to remove the lower cabinet you need to push the cabinet forward as it is lying on the floor.

In this image you can see the corresponding notched rails that interlock with the ones on the side panel. Getting these rails to disengage as you push on the lower cabinet could be very easy or it could be difficult, depending on how tightly fixed together they have become over the years. It is helpful to have assistants hold the legs of the piece stationary while you push upward on the lower cabinet to free the interlocked rails. Do take care to notice if a prior owner has made a regrettable attempt to glue the side panels onto the cabinet permanently...

The top cabinet does not sit in slotted rails, but is held in place by an inset in the panel, and the four screws you removed previously. You can see the four screw holes in the side panel in this image.

The ends of the top cabinet are generally left unfinished by the manufacturer, as they are concealed within the inset parts of the side panels.

The cabinet breaks down into four parts - the upper cabinet, the lower cabinet, and the two side panels.

With proper padding, the Hans Wegner RY20 sideboard can now be transported more economically and safely before being reassembled by simply reversing this procedure.

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