Replacing Woven Paper Cord Seats on Danish Modern Chairs by Neils Møller, Hans Wegner, and Other Designers: PAGE 5


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The cord entrapped under the center nail after having nailed it down with a hammer.

Starting with the dangling cord on the left hand side, wrap it under and over the front rail of the chair. In this case I have done 5 wraps between the front-to-back weaves of the chair, as shown, and am starting the next 5 wraps. Again, the number of wraps you use may vary depending on how thick your cord is. The thicker the cord, the fewer wraps and weaves you need.

In this image I have finished the second 5 wraps and am starting the third group. When you reach the chair leg, you can use a tack to lock down the tag end of the cord to lock it in place.
The tag end of the cord secured with a cut tack once you have reached the leg of the chair.

In this image, the wrapping on the lefthand side of the front rail has been completed. I will now repeat the process of wrapping on the opposite side.

In this image, I have now finished the wrapping going from the center of the chair to the righthand leg of the chair, and have used a tack to secure the tag end of the cord, as shown. The entire front rail is now wrapped.

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