Replacing a Woven Rattan Seat Back on a Peter Hvidt Teak Armchair: PAGE 2


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I will be weaving from left to right, so I will begin at this top left corner of the seat back’s frame. 

To weave a seat back, you start by doing the vertical warp strands first, and finish with the horizontal weaves.  It is also important to point out that the vertical warp strands on the chair back, as seen in this image, need to be in an ODD number, rather than an EVEN number.  This is also true when weaving papercord seats on Danish chairs.  Why this is the case will become more apparent once we get further along in the process. It can be helpful to measure to the exact center of the seat frame, and make a pencil mark at that point, so that you can be mindful of how many vertical weaves you need in order to end up with an odd number of them.

The tools you use will include a tack hammer, and ½” long #19 or #20 nails.  It is also helpful to have some wire cutters for snipping the rattan, as they are somewhat easier to use than scissors. However, they do not need to be as big as the snippers shown here.

To start out, you will need to do an initial wrap of rattan around the chair frame as seen here.  The frame of the chair back will end up having a double wrap of rattan on it (2 layers), so you need to put on this initial wrap in order for the very first warp wrap to be “bulked out” by having a wrap underneath it, as it will have in all the subsequent wraps.   You also put this intial wrap on the bottom of the left hand side, as seen in the image below.  You want the wrap to look the same as what I have done here, and to start and stop in the same place where you tack it with two 1/2" #19 or #20 small nails.

This image shows this initial wrap at the bottom left side of the chair back frame.

Once you have nailed in these intial wraps, you start the first warp strand by taking a strip of rattan and pass it through the slot in the top of the chair frame as seen here.  You need to pass through enough rattan in order to make four wraps around the frame before you tack it in place, as seen in the next image.  You will only be able to figure out how long this end needs to be through trial and error, but once you figure it out, make a note of the measurement of your strand of cane, and use it on all subsequent strips of cane you use for each warp strand.  In my experience, the loose ends need to be about 18" long for the Hvidt chair in order to do the four wraps you will be doing in the next step.

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